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portnov установил(а) тему: XMonad -- тайловый оконный менеджер написанный на Haskell || последняя версия: 0.11 || Баг #177 пофикшен! || Читшит по клавишам: http://haskell.org/wikiupload/b/b8/Xmbindings.png  || Конфигурация: http://ro-che.info/docs/xmonad/
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[23:30:12] <L29Ah_> 1 patch for repository http://code.haskell.org/XMonadContrib:
Wed Aug 27 15:02:19 PDT 2014  Anton Vorontsov <anton@enomsg.org>
  * Add Stoppable layout for power saving
  This module implements a special kind of layout modifier, which when
  applied to a layout, causes xmonad to stop all non-visible processes. In a
  way, this is a sledge-hammer for applications that drain power. For
  example, given a web browser on a stoppable workspace, as soon as the
  workspace is hidden the web browser will be stopped.
  The stoppable modifier prepends a mark (by default equals to "Stoppable")
  to the layout description (alternatively, you can choose your own mark and
  use it with 'Stoppable' constructor). The stoppable layout (identified by
  a mark) spans to multiple workspaces, letting you to create groups of
  stoppable workspaces that only stop processes when none of the workspaces
  are visible, and conversely, unfreezing all processes even if one of the
  stoppable workspaces are visible.
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