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badlop установил(а) тему: www.ejabberd.im english room | ejabberd 2.1.6 and Erlang/OTP R14B01 released
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[00:44:47] <max_posedon> Hello,
few days ago I asked about mod_announce on ejabberd-2.1.6 on CentOS (erlang 12B05),
so mod_announce really doesn't work with erlang-12B05 and work with 14B01.
[00:45:20] <max_posedon> But now, I want speak little bit about rabbitmq server scailability.
[00:45:50] <max_posedon> sorry, ejabberd (typo)
[00:46:40] <max_posedon> We need smth about 400k users on one server (cluster).
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[17:50:47] <MBR> badlop: hello - am  trying to export some mnesia databases to mysql would you know how i can do this?
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[18:01:22] <badlop> how did you try it?
[18:02:36] <MBR> i tried
ejabberctl ejd2odbc:export_roster("ribe.co.zw", "output.txt")
[18:02:40] <MBR> command not found
[18:03:15] <MBR> but i copied the ejd2odbc.erl to /ebin/ejabberd/
[18:03:36] <MBR> was i supposed to do something else extra
[18:03:40] <badlop> nono, try:
ejabberdctl debug
and then in that erlang shell:
ejd2odbc:export_roster("ribe.co.zw", "/tmp/output.txt").
[18:08:42] <MBR> that worked then how do i import it into mysql?
[18:10:43] <badlop> that file has SQL content, right?
[18:11:44] <MBR> seems like it
[18:12:33] <MBR> Thank you Badlop
[18:13:13] <badlop> mysql -pmypass myusername < file.sql
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[19:16:33] <MiGri> anyone here ever tried running the mod ircd and using captchas for muc?
[19:17:13] <MiGri> it seems that these don't like each other
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[19:42:44] <MBR> in terms of Databases - what database store type does ejabberd work on ?
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[22:16:30] <alexeyq> Hi! Does ejabberd supports XEP-0055 "Jabber search" ?
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[22:49:38] <alexeyq> сделал запрос <iq type="get" from='alexeyq@jabber.ru' to='jabber.ru' id='1111'> <query xmlns='jabber:iq:search'/> </iq>
[22:51:03] <alexeyq> ответом было feature-not-implemented. таки не поддерживается поиск пользователей? посоветуйте xmpp сервер с jabber search, кроме openfire.
[22:58:51] <MiGri> alexeyq: Room: ejabberd -- www.ejabberd.im english room
[22:59:34] <MiGri> most of us don't speak/read russian
[23:04:50] <badlop> alexeyq: ejabberd uses that xep in mod_vcard
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