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[13:04:35] <noone123> Hi. I'm trying to use mod_ldap_vcard with jpegPhoto. Unfortunalety i cant recieve the jpeg Photo. All other Attributes works well. I guess i have an error in my ldap base. The jpegPhoto Attribut looks like "jpegPhoto: jpegphoto::/9j/4AAQS............"  Can someone please tell me how the Value must look like? Think the second jpegphoto entry is wrong.
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[15:07:33] <noone123> hello again :D anyone can help me with my jpegPhoto problem?
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[18:36:58] <noone123> hi again :D i figured out that my problem with mod_vcard_ldap is, that i store my pictures with base64encoding in ldap. Ejabberd encodes the pic again with base64 before sent to client. Can someone pls tell me the best way to store the pic in openldap for ejabberd?
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