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[02:06:36] <jameschurchman> erm
[02:06:56] <jameschurchman> why do i get constantly bugged for a cachpha every time i own my client
[02:06:59] <jameschurchman> !!!
[02:07:12] <jameschurchman> this is truly infuriating!!
[02:07:25] <MBR> i think its new security checks in the group
[02:07:30] <jameschurchman> well
[02:07:40] <jameschurchman> was there any need for this securety?
[02:07:45] <MBR> and if you keep getting them it may be a sign of an unstable connection
[02:07:56] <jameschurchman> i have never seen any spam in this room
[02:08:06] <jameschurchman> well, its more when i put my machine to sleep etc..
[02:08:16] <jameschurchman> come back.. another chapha etc..
[02:08:36] <MBR> LOL - not cool -
[02:08:42] <MBR> ?
[02:08:51] <jameschurchman> does it do it to you also?
[02:09:24] <jameschurchman> is there another ejabberd  room then by any chance? like an "irc" one :-)
[02:09:46] <MBR> well only when i connect - i am not sure about when my pc sleeps (my pc dont get the chance to sleep once its on its work time)
[02:10:07] <jameschurchman> well its v v v v anoying
[02:10:10] <MBR> have never found another one- even on the site this is the only one i have seen listed
[02:10:14] <jameschurchman> its only been doing it a day
[02:10:34] <MBR> well the feature (captcha) was just recently added
[02:10:42] <jameschurchman> is it to all rooms
[02:10:45] <jameschurchman> or just this one?
[02:11:06] <jameschurchman> ( i am wondering if i can run a bot and keep that connected so it wont ask me all them time )
[02:11:11] <MBR> so i say bear with it once the Mods know you as a constant non-spam factor in the room they may grant you membership
[02:11:26] <jameschurchman> oh i seee
[02:11:27] <MBR> a lot of rooms have captcha
[02:11:36] <jameschurchman> so i can be a "member"
[02:11:37] <MBR> especially if you are new to the roo
[02:11:39] <MBR> m
[02:11:43] <jameschurchman> and not have to put in in all the time
[02:11:54] <MBR> yes you can -
[02:11:58] <jameschurchman> well i don't comment that often.. but i lend to log in most days :-)
[02:12:18] <MBR> am not sure what criteria they use -
[02:12:32] <jameschurchman> tend* its useful to see others problems and see the solutions.. i only comment if i def know the answer, or when i have my own ejabbed problem
[02:12:38] <MBR> (i tend to ask a lot of question everywhere i go - LOL)
[02:12:42] <jameschurchman> haha
[02:12:46] <jameschurchman> good way to be ;-)
[02:13:21] <jameschurchman> i was def like that when i was starting ejabberd origionaly
[02:13:40] <MBR> which version are you running?
[02:13:42] <jameschurchman> but less these recent days
[02:13:51] <jameschurchman> hmm well not in production but i think 2.1.5
[02:13:58] <jameschurchman> (not in production yet :-) )
[02:14:11] <jameschurchman> but iv found out all the bits i need ..
[02:14:34] <MBR> do you run a public server - private server ?
[02:14:46] <jameschurchman> well
[02:14:52] <jameschurchman> it will be my own custom web app
[02:14:58] <jameschurchman> so it will be a public server
[02:15:03] <jameschurchman> but mainly for bosh etc..
[02:15:11] <MBR> so you will have webchat :-D
[02:15:18] <jameschurchman> hah probably :-)
[02:15:30] <jameschurchman> but mainly i use it as a big fat xml bus :-)
[02:15:37] <MBR> are you familliar with jappix-mini
[02:15:42] <jameschurchman> to route iq's from users to users
[02:15:45] <jameschurchman> hmm nope
[02:16:07] <jameschurchman> hah it does look good tho!
[02:16:33] <MBR> it has the best webinterface for chats (similar to the facebook one - where the chats appear at the bottom of the page -
[02:16:41] <jameschurchman> yeah
[02:16:46] <jameschurchman> it looks really sweet
[02:16:55] <jameschurchman> i will definaly consider using that
[02:17:06] <jameschurchman> hows the iPhonedoes it work in the iphones webview?
[02:17:27] <MBR> but for the life of me i cant seem to build a login script (the default is for users to use anoynimous* login)
[02:17:40] <MBR> havent tried it on the iphone
[02:17:42] <jameschurchman> i see
[02:17:46] <jameschurchman> yeah makes some sense
[02:17:57] <jameschurchman> do you know what bosh xmpp library they use?
[02:18:03] <jameschurchman> is it strophe ?
[02:18:37] <MBR> not sure-
[02:18:43] <jameschurchman> ah
[02:18:46] <jameschurchman> ok
[02:18:52] <MBR> you can look at the site its open-source -
[02:19:13] <MBR> i need a webchat client that is good looking :-D
[02:19:22] <jameschurchman> yeah
[02:19:25] <jameschurchman> looks nice!
[02:19:30] <jameschurchman> only thing i can see is..
[02:19:35] <jameschurchman> no ie 6 suport
[02:19:41] <jameschurchman> that could be a problem for me
[02:19:45] <MBR> tredo tunneling
[02:19:48] <jameschurchman> tho maybe i could fix that inapt
[02:20:11] <MBR> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teredo_tunneling
[02:20:37] <MBR> oh internet explorer - not ipv6 - sorry
[02:20:42] <jameschurchman> hah yeah
[02:20:45] <MBR> lost the plot there - LOL
[02:20:45] <jameschurchman> :-)
[02:20:51] <jameschurchman> i was wondering for a sec :-)
[02:21:19] <MBR> do you have users still using ie 6 - is that safe/supported/alive ?
[02:22:35] <jameschurchman> haha
[02:22:38] <jameschurchman> no and no and no
[02:22:43] <jameschurchman> but
[02:22:48] <jameschurchman> its still popular
[02:23:00] <jameschurchman> it will be 2 years b4 its low enough usage i feel to not supore
[02:24:36] <MBR> if you do use what sort of login sys are you going to use?
[02:24:53] <jameschurchman> how do you mean?
[02:25:17] <MBR> are you going to create a user login system ?
[02:25:23] <MBR> or script ?
[02:25:36] <jameschurchman> well at the mo i just use strophe and type in a password
[02:26:04] <jameschurchman> but what other options are there.. ( for registration i think i will do out of bounds ... over https )
[02:27:47] <MBR> pretty much non
[02:28:20] <MBR> unless you have a bot
[02:28:39] <jameschurchman> so do you mean.. how am i going to hold onto user logins so that on successive logins it keeps there login details?
[02:29:13] <MBR> yeah
[02:29:26] <MBR> *handling of cookies*
[02:29:29] <jameschurchman> yeah i am not sure.. iv not fixed that yet
[02:29:41] <jameschurchman> i presumed there was a standard easy to do that :-)
[02:29:44] <jameschurchman> is ther enot?
[02:30:06] <MBR> if only i could think of a name that it is called - i could search for it
[02:30:09] <MBR> -LOL
[02:30:16] <jameschurchman> hahah
[02:30:19] <jameschurchman> yeah
[02:30:26] <jameschurchman> if it comes to you id love to know !
[02:30:33] <jameschurchman> that would help alot
[02:30:34] <MBR> will d o
[02:31:14] <MBR> "There's always someting that you want to do that you just cant name"
[02:31:30] <jameschurchman> yes!
[02:31:51] <jameschurchman> but overall iv found xmpp to be a good data bus!
[02:32:29] <MBR> true - i think it could do with a "bit" of optimisation here and there -
[02:33:11] <MBR> do you build Iphone apps - by any chance?
[02:33:15] <jameschurchman> yup
[02:33:17] <jameschurchman> i do
[02:33:26] <jameschurchman> thats my "main" thing!
[02:33:31] <MBR> Brilliant
[02:33:35] <jameschurchman> why do you ask?
[02:33:41] <jameschurchman> an how did you know that :-)
[02:34:04] <MBR> have you built any xmpp clients - am working on modifying an Xmpp client for my users -
[02:34:11] <jameschurchman> i don't kno eveythigg... its a VAST thing.. but i know quite a bit
[02:34:14] <jameschurchman> yeah
[02:34:25] <jameschurchman> i have
[02:34:32] <MBR> whats it called?
[02:34:36] <jameschurchman> my app
[02:34:40] <jameschurchman> its not out yet
[02:34:47] <jameschurchman> but it will b soon i hope
[02:34:51] <jameschurchman> :-)
[02:34:51] <MBR> oh alright - is it open source?
[02:34:56] <jameschurchman> well
[02:35:05] <jameschurchman> hm
[02:35:08] <jameschurchman> prob not
[02:35:15] <MBR> well thats allowed -
[02:35:19] <jameschurchman> :-)
[02:36:06] <MBR> all i need to know is how to compile an app i have the code already and what tools i need to build it
[02:37:40] <jameschurchman> ah i see
[02:37:53] <jameschurchman> yeah are you using the iphone obj c xmpp liabries
[02:37:57] <jameschurchman> its not that easy
[02:38:03] <jameschurchman> iv not done it for over a year
[02:38:13] <jameschurchman> there is a TON of stuff you have to add in
[02:38:19] <jameschurchman> and a few compiler flags too
[02:38:37] <jameschurchman> if i remember correctly the instructions are wrong
[02:38:55] <MBR> LOL - why are they wrong
[02:39:01] <jameschurchman> only a bit but the coments below covered it
[02:39:02] <MBR> who did that
[02:39:08] <jameschurchman> something like they had one flag wrong
[02:39:11] <jameschurchman> or missing
[02:39:16] <jameschurchman> or onw file missing
[02:39:44] <jameschurchman> this was over a year ago they may be ok now
[02:40:09] <jameschurchman> but still probably tricky
[02:40:21] <jameschurchman> tones of dependancies
[02:40:42] <MBR> i have all the required libs and reources and files -
[02:40:45] <jameschurchman> that you have to fetch from the web
[02:41:03] <MBR> yeap for the app at least -
[02:41:05] <jameschurchman> you need to get the build target bit and set a few flags
[02:41:16] <jameschurchman> some are just on off the thnigns
[02:41:32] <jameschurchman> and other paths to the added frameworls
[02:42:28] <MBR> alright - can i ask you when i begin to attempt the build ?
[02:42:56] <jameschurchman> yeah
[02:42:59] <jameschurchman> ask away
[02:43:05] <jameschurchman> i just may not be able to remember what it was
[02:43:14] <jameschurchman> (tho infect... is there not a sample project?\
[02:43:20] <jameschurchman> from memory that built ok
[02:43:33] <MBR> not to worry
nope --
[02:43:34] <jameschurchman> its possibly i just copied my code intuit he sample app
[02:43:38] <jameschurchman> and that just worked )
[02:44:52] <MBR> cool
[02:46:02] <jameschurchman> yeah
[02:46:06] <jameschurchman> it built out of th ebox
[02:47:07] <MBR> thats good to hear
[02:47:21] <jameschurchman> well i think it did :-)
[02:47:36] <MBR> LOL -
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[16:24:45] <viq> Ha, interesting, seeing captcha in action
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